Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1:00 PM Update

5500 hits to the blog in the last 2 hours. Wow.

We are hoping for another update soon. We are also mobilizing a large number of volunteers to help sift through our volume of e-mail over the next hour. We do not anticipate being able to respond individually and personally to each inquiry.

To remind you, we are only accepting families that are serious about adopting the Haitian children and have either a current background check and/or adoptive home studies. We are only looking to place children in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. All other areas will not be considered. The reason we are only considering adoptive families is to ease the transition for the children, hopefully only placing them in their permanent home.

We still don't know when or how many children will be coming, but it is important for you to fill out the form on this blog if you are wanting to be considered. We are only communicating with the orphanages on the ground via e-mail currently, so communication is challenging. We are in communication with DCS in Indianapolis and will keep you posted as we are able!