Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Current FAQ


I cannot take a child, but I can donate money, clothing items, my time, my skills and talents. What should I do?

You can walk into any First Merchants Bank and donate to Safe-Families for children.

You can also donate on-line...Please select "Indianapolis" at the following web-site:

We DO NOT NEED any more clothing donations at this time.

Are the children coming from an orphanage or are they newly orphaned due to the Earthquake?

We do not know at this time. We will update as we know more.

What will the situation be with placing children in school?

Obviously the age of the children are a factor. School-age children we imagine will need some time to adjust to so many changes in their life and will not need to be enrolled in school right away. We anticipate more information and counsel in the days ahead.

What ages are the children?

We do not know. We are hoping to have as much information as possible this morning. Our priority up to this point (and continues to be) identifying safe families for these children to be placed.

How many children are coming?

We are still unsure how many children will be coming, but it is probably a lot less than 300.

Will the 6.1 aftershock that just took place impact the arrival of the children?

We do not know. We hope to have more information soon.

Can I designate preferences for the placement of children (gender, age, # of children, etc.)?

Yes. Please note this on the Haiti Project form and e-mail it to

I live in Tennessee (or anywhere out of the state of Indiana), can I take a child?

Unfortunately we will only be able to place children with families in Indiana.

What is the medical condition of the children? Do they have Aids or other serious medical condition?

We do not know the medical condition of the children. We are told that they have lice and will need treatment for ringworm, but we don’t know anything specific yet.