Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Latest Update

Our Progress Thus Far:

8:30pm: Krista Davis, Director of Safe Families Indianapolis, received the phone call from Judge Payne requesting help locating homes for the Haitian children.

10:00pm: Safe Families had secured homes for 25 children.

11:30pm: Grace Community Church sent an email to their entire congretation requesting action.

12:00am: Safe Families had secured homes for 92 children.


First, we need additional families to host children, either for a temporary period (a minimum of one month) or with the possibility of adopting them permanently. If you are interested in taking in a child, please go to our blog (, cut and paste the post called "information we need" and send it back to us at As these children arrive, we will need pediatricians and nurses to volunteer their services to help stabilize the children medically. We will need French and Creole speakers to help with translation needs. We will also need financial assistance for various needs that will come up for the host families as they work to provide for the Haitian refugees.

Further communication:

We are expecting to hear back from Judge Payne with further details first thing in the morning. Please check our blog at for the newest updates. Because of the sheer volume of emails we are experiencing, it is difficult to continue to respond to each email individually.

In Him,

Safe Families for Children