Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Morning Update

Safe Families for Children is proud to report that an army of Christian volunteers was mobilized over the past two days to plan and prepare for the arrival of Haitian orphans. At this point we are not certain if or when children will arrive in Indy. We ask you to join us in praying for the release of the precious children.

There are apparent misconceptions about the seriousness of the request to us but we believe that God did not begin this movement of people in vain. I would like to share with you some of the incredible stories of how God moved in the State of Indiana.

Within 12 hours, we were able to report to DCS that we would be able to accommodate all 300 children. These first 12 hours were primarily night-time hours. It became apparent that the response to take children into our homes would be overwhelming.

We accumulated data about interested families, starting first with our own "safe families" and knew how many children they could accommodate, the age preference, the gender preference, background check information, and whether or not they hoped to adopt.

A group of ladies prepared clothing bags at Kingdom's Kloset, so that each child would be able to take with them a bag of new or gently used clothing.

Donations of headlice and ringworm treatment were secured, as we were told that most if not all of the children, ages 1-11 would be infested.

Republic Airlines was reported to be ready at a moments notice to pick up the children.

A team of people began preparing to send meals to the families who took in children.

Data for volunteer nurses, doctors, pharmacists, dentists, translators and social workers/counselors was compiled.

Later, groups of people were in prayer for the successful release of the children, as we learned that efforts to ID the children by the Haitian government was holding up the process, and communication in Haiti had been slow and ineffective.

The Chicago Safe Families office was at the airport, on standby to recieve orphans from the plane that arrived there on Wednesday evening, which held an unknown number of children.

This only touches the surface as I am certain families were preparing their hearts and homes to assist.

We thank you all for such an incredible response, and we continue to stand prepared in the event that children begin to flow into Indiana. Again, we believe that our God is purposeful and we were diligent in our efforts to seek His almighty guidance as we responded to what we believed was an urgent and pending need.

Obviously you have tremendous capacity to "Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy" Psalm 82:3. I urge you to use the passion that God has stirred in you for the benefit of the children, whether they be Hoosier or Haitian. There are hundreds of children in our state waiting to be adopted, and families struggling right here in our city, with hunger, homelessness, unemployment, and inadequate support. Please consider becoming a foster parent, a Safe Family, or an adoptive family for one of Indiana's kids if in fact a Haitian child does not arrive at your home.

Sincere thanks for the outpouring of generosity, energy, and support. We will continue to update the blog as we learn more about the situation.

Krista Davis for Safe Families