Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NEW INFORMATION...Take a deep breath

We just got off the phone with folks at DCS and have some information.

We have confirmed that we will be receiving children in Indianapolis from Haiti. However, we will NOT be receiving them in the next 24 hours. This is a good thing. It will allow us to have a better thought out and planned response.

DCS in Indianapolis is working with 3 orphanages on the ground in Haiti. Republic airlines is trying to transport the children out of the country. The only form of communication right now is e-mail, so it is making planning a bit of a challenge. We are awaiting word for when they will be coming.

As far as how many children, we still don't know. We think 300 is more than will be coming. We have also learned that Safe Families for Children is not responsible to place all of the children. Because of the overwhelming response from so many people, we are encouraging people to guard their expectations about receiving a child. We just don't know how many will be placed through Safe Families, but it is far less that we first expected.

To give you an idea of the response, here are some details:

As of 10:31 AM, we have:

26 volunteers

5 donation inquiries

75 families interested in adoption

403 e-mail still to sort

an average of 8 e-mail coming in a minute

More to come as we know it.